‘If you want something with all your heart, working hard and having faith in what you do, everything is possible.’



LUCILA is an independent composer and singer and artist born on January 20, 1992 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with dual citizenship (Argentine and Italian). From an early age her grandmother Elbita transmitted her the love for singing and music.

At the age of 9 she began her formal artistic education under the tutelage of the children's musical theater director Hugo Midón. There, she had the opportunity to star in various plays and consolidate as a whole artist. Lucila decided to focus on singing and at age 15 she began to take clases.

At the age of 16, she passed through really tough life circumstances including bullying and discrimination at highschool so she began to write and compose her own songs challenging the status quo.Throughout her adolescence she changed to a new artistic oriented highschool and joined music ensembles and participated in percussion workshops and her first own band.

In 2015 she entered the University of Palermo to study Artistic Management, where she was awarded for the general production of the event "Mujeres Soul ''.

In 2016, she sold her car to afford the production of her first independent album. She recorded at a well known studio in Argentina called Estudio Panda.

During the first semester of 2017 with her finished album she left argentina an went on tour in Mexico City where she made contact local musicians and started performing her music at different places (pubs, open mics, bars, etc), and fnally she was invited to participate at a regional festival called,‘La Flor mas Bella del Ejido’, that took place at Xochimilco, Mexico DF. Back in Argentina, Lucila consolidated her new band with argentinian musicians and did hundreds of presentations in different places of Buenos Aires, among them, local festivals and three new tours all among the Atlantic Coast of Mar del Plata and Miramar beaches. She appeared and performed live at some important Radios and tv shows, including press notes on online magazines, rock and pop forums. The records of all these presentations are available at Lucila's official instagram. (https://www.instagram.com/lucilamusica/)

On October of 2018, she performed at the LGTBIQ + Gay Pride Recital at Patio de los Lecheros gallery in buenos aires, this was to commemorate the Diversity and non-discrimination within the framework of the week of OrugulloBA(PrideBuenosAires). This was organized by the Ministry of Human Rights and Diversity together with the Cultural deppartment of the city government of Buenos Aires.

On January of this year, 2019,Lucila returned from a successful tour on the Atlantic coast of Argentina including two festivals on the beaches. She is currently working on her new musical material, together with the argentinian renowned producer known as Chino Asencio, and has already mastered 3 new songs in Miami Mastering, Florida, United States, by the prestigious Mastering Engineer Antonio Baglio (Grammy and Latin Grammy Winner). She is now making a trip to Spain and the rest of Europe, to expand her music so as to reach new audience. And wants to show her music to important people of the music industry.



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‘ I believe in music as a way of transformation. Music does not distinguish neither race nor religion nor corporal stereotypes, nor sexual orientation. All types of art does not discriminate. My aspirations are to continue developing as an artist and human being. I would love to capture the attention of those who once suffered discrimination by the society due to the stereotypes that are impossed in our society. So I really want them to feel part of something. Part of my music Part of my story. I believe in diversity and acceptance of whats`s different above all things. It would be really good for my career to get the support of a record company to continue recording more songs and to spread my music around the world, participating in important festivals and artistic events to reach more people’. Lucila.


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Con 25 años, Lucila lleva un gran camino vivido tanto en lo profesional como en lo personal. Recién llegada de México, donde se presentó en bares, teatros y festivales, la cantante se encuentra terminando de...

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Lucila: la música le salvó la vida


“Las adolescentes me ven como una referente porque me acepto como soy” LUCILA sufrió bullying, estuvo internada y la música la salvó. LUCILA arrancó un 2019 con todo. Después de hacer su tercer Har…"

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Lucila: “La música me hizo dar cuenta de que uno puede superar cualquier cosa”

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“Lucila” es una cantante y compositora independiente. Empezó a componer a los 15 años para superar el bullying y para ser más consciente de su vida. El 14 de septiembre se va a presentar…

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Te presentamos a "LUCILA" la nueva voz del rock nacional.

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Es una compositora y cantante argentina nacida en la ciudad Buenos Aires en 1992. De ascendencia Italiana, su amada abuela paterna, Elbita Barbero, le transmitió...

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Lucila, el arte como medio de transformación y de cambio

Notas del Mar

LUCILA es una compositora y cantante independiente nacida el 20 de Enero de 1992 en Buenos Aires, con doble nacionalidad (argentina e italiana). Desde temprana edad, su abuela le transmitió el amor la música y a los 15 años comenzó a componer...

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Lucila: la chica rebelde del pop rock


Lucila arrancó un 2018 con todo. Después de ponerle broche de oro al 2017 con un show muy power en el Hard Rock Café, quedó postulada con dos de sus videos para los Premios Gardel de este año...

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